sunday swap shopper

today at the swapmeet i broke my favorite pair of tooled leather purple pointy shoes. but i was recompensated with two new pairs, one a 20s ish pair of black pointy maryjanes and the other a wedge-ish cerulean blue strappy pair. id like to break in the black ones enough to make them my new favorites, cause theyre so pretty. they left paint all over my feet,though, which upset me and freaked me out but later made me wonder how old they actually are and it became exciting to think about.

i also bought seven really wonderful pieces from a woman who was selling them at a dollar each, and i dont think i spent more than a dollar on any clothing i bought today.


bryan and i got a burrito, and im putting on weight again so ill go for a walk today as well as study up for my political science test. my room was left unmade and messy when i left in a rush for the swapmeet and i still havent done anything to it, so the rest of today will be chores, probably.

i feel guilty.


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