missing out on the swapmeet

im pretty sure that a big factor in my wonderful mood is that for the past week ive been getting to sleep in an hour past what i usually wake up at. even though it makes me sort of sad when i wake up, and somehow when i let myself sleep in i let myself slack in other areas, after i get over the frustrations and the lonliness of waking up when everybodys been up for an hour i feel really, really nice. like i dont have to pump out work at the speed of sound, i dont have to ration out cups of coffee to make it through sleepy after lunch time, things like that. its actually pretty freeing.

this morning i didnt have the motivation or energy (im leaning more towards motivation) to get up and go to the swapmeet with the family, also because i didnt think there was anything i really needed and i didnt feel like i wanted to load up on new projects for the week. however, my daddy called me a few minutes ago and offered to fetch me some pretty riding boots he found and i hope theyre as nice as they sound. thats also something i can rely on when i dont go to the swapmeet, that my parents will probably find me atleast something. they both complain that they "think they know what ill like but are never correct", but they usually are on about the same page as me, as far as old things go.


my hair is finally long enough to part down the middle this morning, so ill try that out this week as my bangs are actually becoming a safety hazard.

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