walking everyday

every day this week ive been walking, except for night school nights, and its been hours atleast every night, in the same ugly flannel/shorts/beanie/flats combo that i can usually rely on to keep attention off of neighbors who might find me walking up and down their street 4 times a day annoying. walking to look good for lots of things, but ive been keeping street scene in mind, and someday ill show you a comparitive picture of the weight i was two years ago to where i stand now, and how my shiteous haircut and poor belly-bearing outfit choices made things seem much worse. anyways, ive been weaning myself off of the cereal diet i was on, cereal twice a day,everyday, for months, which was boring and not very nourishing but was consistent and reliable, in favor of variety and fresh fruits and some vegetables when i have them. tonight i made a yummy cucumber, avocado, cherry tomato and 'banzo bean salad, with cucumbers from a community garden i think and the tomatoes from the vines in the backyard. i spooned enough into my mouth hole that i could only really feel good about a walk exceeding 1 hour, so i took an hour and 10 minute walk up and down the hills of my neighborhood and my hips are so sore!

the cherries my parents bought at the swapmeet last weekend are starting to shrivel, so i might have to made a cobbler again, which makes me feel so defeated after sort of deciding my baking was best saved for special occasions. but when i see the fruit going to waste, i feel like im the only one who an save them! there are bats and owls outside right now, by the way.

here is bryan by the towed away truck at the che cafe this weekend. it wasnt so bad, afterall, and bryan got the truck fixed soon. it makes me want a car really bad,though, so i can split the driving time.



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