uses for baby heads

last year on a trip to illinios i found a ton ton ton of really cool crafting supplies-bags and bags of trims, knitting needles galore, some fabrics as well as oldish dresses to soup up, but my favorite things were these bags of baby faces. i have santa/Mrs. clause heads, grinch faces, and lots of other types. i havent used alot of them which is a good thing, but i made a purse a long time ago, a headband a little while later, and yesterday i finished a project thats been atleast nine months in the making-this baby face bow. i crocheted and felted it a looooong time ago, and i just realized that the yarn i used was from a big box of wool my mom and i salvaged from a trashcan in illinois when i was abut 10. anyways, i decided if i didnt do it soon it would never be done, so i used some little antennae bryan and i sort of like around the face, some vintage trim, burned holes where need be so i could stitch the pieces together and viola!


smile!god loves you!

hair accessories are something ive been wearing more, as my hair has become more and more unruly between brushings and i can feel secure when i wear one, as if the people who see me wont be looking at my hair and thinking i dont care, because im wearing something pretty inside the mess?...mabye thats not all the way true, but anyways i think theyre pretty.


this is a shirt bryan and i bought for his birthday like two or three years ago, i havent really worn it since.

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