little fruitopia

i havent been posting because ive stopped liking taking pictures of myself in my room by myself anymore. it almost embarasses me, not that i should feel ashamed of anything. id just rather have pictures taken outside, where i live and where i spend time. i HAVE been wearing lots of new things that would be of interest to post about, its just that im never brave enough to ask bryan to take a picture of me in something im wearing, for a few reasons like i dont want to strike a pose with him in a restaurant or outside walking, its too embarassing..

so today, instead of taking any pictures of my outfit in Little Ethiopia, or anywhere else, its me, in my room, wearing a seersucker dress i was clueless about what to do with up until yesterday, worn with black tights to tone down the "its summer-go nautical!!" theme that i am just not into, with a blue bow, red cracker jack prize necklace and at one point i was wearing my favorite tan pumps, which just exploded when we were walking around. the dress was long and had just so many wierd, unflattering parts to it, but i shortened the waist for one, then hemmed it and because it still wasnt the best fit i belted it.


bryan and i fought tonight but its always about the same shitty shit, so i can expect to feel one way tonight, mostly exhaustion, then tomorrow itll all come flooding back to me and ill probably miserably mozy around the house forever. unless we do something fun and i forget all about it, and ill just remember the stuff that annoys me when we get into another fight about the same junk all over again. you dont need details, i dont need to spill the beans to feel better either.


my new velour robe. it was floor length, but i fashioned a belt out of the extras and made a hair bow,too! im thinking of new ways to use the scraps that i have just such an abundance of after these estate sale edits, and hair bows seem to be the most versatile. check out the sleeves, theres a navy blue trim, and one side has an incomplete embroidery that i considered taking out briefly but have decided gave it character.

who else is tired of scrubbing off their makeup every night? holy god i am.

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