im a nut, but ive got lots of clothes that make me look pretty!

also, i would love a big bowl of noodles, but i will not eat my feelings. no, no and no.



Bryan said...

Marina is the best, no doubt about that. She will get better with time, in ways that will astound us and leave us begging for more! She's leaps and bounds ahead of every girl I know, including every one who comments her and who she follows. But she could use our help, so let's lend a hand. It's only fair. Outside of the Blogosphere, Marina, you're the Queen Bee of my hive drizzling honey on even the most bitter morsels life serves up. Let's swarm.

rubi said...

do you have a shop where you sell some of your finds? i want some!

p.s. you've inspired me to go to the flea market this weekend. :)