to your health!

im completely sick of sewing. i looked up today whats not allowed onto planes to see if my knitting needles would be confiscated if i were to take them as a carry-on, if so id just as soon take on a crochet hook. i was getting mixed messages from people who had theirs taken, and peple who carefully explained how to avoid confiscation, but im undecided. one thing thats for sure is that im not going to be sewing, not once, the whole trip. i havent made or repaired anything in 4 or so days and it makes me feel akward and worthless but i would rather sit around than labor away at the sewing machine.

when im actually out and about instead of sewing or lazing, im spending time with bryan, but today was a different day for bryan because hes fasting. we spent time with our friends-turned-caterpillar wranglers, then the two of us came back and napped and hung out and i had a tofutti cutie which could have waited until bryan was gone, which im sorry for.

after bryan was gone i decided it would be the best thing to do to start arranging outfits to pack for san francisco, mostly to prevent any confusion about what gets worn when and also so that i dont accidentally wear something tomorrow that ought to be saved for chilly weather, which i have limited clothing suitable for. decision making is hard, planning that far in advance is really hard. but tonight ill sleep well knowing its all packed away and tomorrow ill try everything on to make sure it doesnt look good only on the hanger.


it seems like ive got daytime outfits to last me forever and i could keep adding to that pile, but nighttime ones are the most important cause thats when ill want to be the warmest!


this, im sure i can fit into a suitcase. but what about shoes??

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