currently feeling tired and overworked, and not even in the way where i can look at everything ive done today and be happy about it. id still actually rather be working on something right now than just sitting around admiring the fruits of my labor.

this weekend's search for pretty things has been very good to me and yielded a great harvest. ive picked up 30+ dresses at the best estate sale, in rainbow at the best trailer park for estate sales.



in the bathrooms of strangers, and with a box of beautiful shoes too small for me.

hemming, cropping and fitting all day while my other dress takes a backseat..also hauling a pretty yellow cabinet home for my clutter to live in. talking to bryan, talking to friends, talking about bryan about talking to friends,too.

so many possibilities, it overwhelmes me!


lots of coats, especially! good for this fall and winter, and trips to be taken then, and in a few weeks.


Sunshine said...

so envious.. i haven't had a haul like that in a long time.
can't wait to see what you got!

Love Simone said...

Sounds like you found a lot of amazing things!

I know how you feel too. After a long day of sewing and accomplishing things, I feel kind of sad sometimes. its weird, huh?