a day in the week

today i started on my homework as i promised to myself, my boyfriend, my teacher, my parents..anybody who would listen to me talk, probably. the plan is that if i work hard enough, ill graduate early enough to come to school in winter at palomar community college. perhaps you were expecting something more interesting? the suprise part, i mean. no, just school thngs.

in other generally unimportant but interesting to me news, i bought the first pair of pants i have in eons, and because winter is not for a while i had alot of pants to choose from (as they were not at all picked over). by the end, it was a decision between a black pair of jeans and these brown jeans-y, stretchy pair, which i ended up with. and they were ridiculously inexpensive. why this is important and somewhat of a milestone to me is because...i just dont wear pants ever. its something to remember because i dont wear jeans for a reason, that reason being i want to look fancy, feminine and leggy constantly, and by purchasing a pair of pants i might have just thrown myself into the frumpy pit with every other person alive, and i dont want to stop looking good! and especially looking interesting. i dont care about being comfortable at all. this might be the start of a beautiful relationship, or mabye the beginning of the end for "Marina:fashion know-it-all Extroidannaire". but for me, definitly note-worthy. what are your feelings on pants? p.s. this isnt the best shot of them, mabye another time.


new blankie.



Bryan said...

they're cute. they're boyish and some times being dressed-down has more positive aspects than being dressed-up. and you look more leggy, actually, with those on than with a skirt that cuts your thigh in half and flairs really far out. this makes me want to go out and buy a new pair of pants! i bet they're really cheap at active right now.

meena meena said...

i was going to call you and ask for your advice, but it was too loud inside the shop, so, im glad you like them! they probably are cheap at active, i was suprised when i went to the mall by how many racks and racks of pants they had, not just, like, one table with a limited selection. plus, guess what? i know what size i am now! temecula was actually pretty fun last night, sprouts is a nicer store than i remember.

R. said...

You really do look really leggy in those pants. I don't think this is the beginning of your descent into fashion mediocrity or anything, so don't worry.