i dont post as often anymore

atleast, im pretty sure i dont. you'd rather hear more about what happens to my swapmeet finds when they come home and whatever else, but it just so happens that the dress i wore to this swapmeet today was a find from last week, modified and really cool. it was found by the patterns i have yet to scan, and it was huge, but i wish i would have bought a few more of the same style because i love this one so much. i wore it with some stupid cowboy boots that are alot more comfortable (and are alot less likely to fill up with pebbles) than any other shoe that came to mind immediately. i wore a really light brooch because the dress is so flimsy it cant really suport the weight of a heavy metal pin. the one i chose read "Mother" and some one asked me about it and i told them about how proud i am to be a parent.


ive been really into wearing my hair up like this and teasing my bangs up, i dont know how good it looks to anybody else but i havent been able to rely on my hair looking good down right now, im unsure why, and this requires significantly less teasing which i like. no bald spots, please.

i got my favorite things at one of the first stops i went to- a houndstooth DIY purse with a kitty applique, a big white coat i miiiight just crop off (plus theres no buttons but HUGE buttonholes, its practically begging to be gussied up) and an eighties hawaiian print dress which i would have killed for a few months ago...dont fear, im not about to go on for a paragraph about the seasons change and what that means for my wardrobe. oh, and you can see i piled on a few pretty bangles which ive just recently picked up a taste for, that i had found earlier that morning at a stand. they matched my dress well.


sorry for all the posing with my macy's bag, it was just such a relief to have one big bag instead of 30 teensy ones. i loved it!

colin and wade were there, but sadly i never met up with them, due in part to my lust for new stuff and also the sounds of the place covering up my ringtone sounds. sorry!


Sunshine said...

massive dress love

Estrella said...

i like cowboy boots a lot!specialy with short dresses like yours

meena meena said...

oh thanks guys! yeah im trying really hard to get the most wear out of my summer dresses, the ones thatll be harder to wear this winter even with a sweater or something. but is a total favorite already, hopefully i get sick of it before winter kicks in and i yearn to wear it again!

R. said...

Somehow I missed your comment on my blog last month so I'm just discovering your blog right now. I love the dress you're wearing and definitely thing cowboy boots were the way to go. Funny about the brooch though. I also really dig the way you do your hair. Have you had any luck finding cool eyeglass frames for your boyfriend?

Love Simone said...

I love your hair like that! I wish my hair was long, I miss throwing it up in a messy bun :)

Zhcsyra hp said...

je adore ur very nice dress with awe belt <333