one of the busiest days

tonight im going to ronni's to go and eat dinner with her and give her presents, but this morning has been spent preparing a cake and peddling my bicycle, which has left me exhausted.

after waking up a little bit i thought id get started on the cake, and i was really glad that i did because i dont know when else i wouldve had the time to.


being a vegan i wont be able to eat this cake, but it smelled really really good and i almost wanted to. i dont mean that i wanted to eat it and actually put it in my mouth, it just smelled really delicious and made me want to know what it would taste like. ronni specially requested funfetti, which is like confetti sprinkles. to mix it with i used my new thrifted hand mixer, its avocado green and worked pretty well on this cake, and will work well on other batters, i just dont want to break it on something alot harder to mix. its the first time ive used them.


after i baked the cakes and took them out of the oven, i rode my bike over to watch the kitty and puppies. the ride was pretty miserable, but i ate an extra bit too much last night and certainly needed the exersize. i got there using a secret passageway that my little brother found that will make it easier to ride my bike in the future, probably. i stayed with them for a long time and the kitty was especially nice, laying on my tummy while i sat. she got hairs all over me, though, and i had to wash my dress a second time, which is probably for the better anyways because id like to wear it out tonight to ronni's because it matches the cake. the puppies didnt bark as much and we were friendly and they let me pet them and sat on my lap.

..i came home and frosted the cake


..and put the candles ontop. nineteen of them!


then i sewed up the last of colin's teeshirts. that makes four, and they came out very well. ill be happy to not have to worry about finishing them, too! i then washed by hand all of the halloween costumes ive bought at the thrift stores lately, and hung them up on the line. what a pretty clothesline!


1. thats the dress ive worn before, wore today and got hair all over, and will wear again tonight.

2. this is a chick onesie that im wearing for halloween this year. i thought it was just a dress, so now im not sure if ill be able to fit into it as easily, since it has legholes.

3. a green old dress that shouldnt have been in the costumes. well, mabye it should have been because its so weird, but its old and not a costume. its green and has a kerchief in the back, this triangle that just hangs down. its nice. ill have to take it in, and i dont know if ill be able to. if not, ill find someone who wants it.

4. this is a drum majorette costume that ill wear instead of the chick costume if it doesnt fit well. i have drum majorette boots and a baton, so itd be easy to pull it off. it came with gloves, and i think stuff like that is so wierd i usually just want to buy it to have it.

5. the same wierd, costume, all-that-glitters rule applies to this leotard, which has fringe down one arm and plenty of sequins. i think ill wear it out some night for fun. it has a musical note at the hip and is pretty nuts. ill like having at around, even if it just stays in my closet and makes me smile when i see it.

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withthejoneses said...

Nice! I'm starting a sewing class tomorrow so this is getting me pumped up.