ebaying it

during my desperate ebay and etsy searches for a present for bryan the birthday boy, i found this really gorgeous charm-a little boys profile with "Bryan" inscribed on the back. i stupidly thought about getting it for him, but then duh what would he use it for, so i might just indulge in the 15.75 pricetag (which could go up i guess..ebay, blegh) and wear it myself. wouldnt that be the sweetest?


mmm...what a good girl id be!

tonight ill ponder this possible purchase, while i finish off a few of my little brother's t-shirts. ive just completed the reba mcintire concert tee,so funny.


JC said...

Oh em gee, that is the cutest. Yes, the price is a little steep, but I think it's worth it! Wear it on a chain over your heart!

Rose Red said...

I love that charm. You should definitely wear it.

{à la mode} said...

That is the cutest. Love it! Put it on a long chain... that'd be gorgeous.