family plannin

today was the first rain of the fall and , suprisingly, it wasnt half as cozycuddly as the days before that i'd spent excited about the weather change and the possibility of a downpour but now that its actually happening, im having a difficult time getting used to the idea of wearing coats and tights. i dont remember what last fall was like with very much clarity at all, probably because i was in my work uniform every night without any outfits to mark important events, which makes it even harder to fathom what weather to expect.

today, it rained and bryan and i went out for a lardless burrito (ohhh how ive missed them) and a coffee. i wore a red sweatshirt dress that i bought at the thrift store last saturday. the burrito was tasty, though quite a bit more expensive than im used to paying for...but hey.

before bryan came over, i sprinted down to the school really quick to pick up my next assignments from a teacher who wasnt my usual teacher, because mr. major has gone missing and i dont know when he'll be back. i came home and started work on one dress of many that i'd bought last saturday, when i went thrifting on foot by myself. this one is a brown tweedy thing with a great collar and a big trio of cream stripes down the front, that im not going to show you yet. i decided to keep the length which im very glad i did, though it took me quite a bit longer to finish this way. but im really happy with the results and it will surely be worn alot this fall.


here im wearing the pretty dress with hiding stripes and a peter pan hat i found for free at the thrift store.

there have been alot of plans being made around here, it seems, and alot of information to be swapped between bryan and i. weve thought about going up to the farm for Spanksgiving, ive been bombed with schoolwork but getting by so quickly that i cant help but to plan for palomar, and bryan and i have been doing a little bit of planning and discussing of our internet lives, which for him includes his music myspace, Bryan Flynn and the West Coast Renaissance, and for me means my blog plus a new project im hoping to get started soon with a fellow avid fallbrook estate sale goer, selling some of my finds through her account on etsy.

you can take a listen to some of the wonderful music created by my boyfriend at


and of course ill let anybody who is interested know about whats going on with my etsy at any time and even if you arent interested, ill be so excited ill hardly be able to contain myself so youll be hearing about it one way or another.


Anonymous said...

what is going on with your etsy???? link?

meena meena said...

hey sonja! im s'posed to be meeting with a girl from fallbrook who already has an etsy account thet im going to try to sell through, but i have yet to meet with her face to face. when we do meet sometime this week, itll probably take me a couple of days to get everything sorted out and in the shop, but until i turn eighteen this is basically my only option for selling on etsy.

ill totally show you the account and give you a link.

HUzzah! Vintage said...

I'd also be interested in the etsy link! (btw: How is it that you're only 18?! My idea of style at that age was cargo pants and an ill-fitting halter.)

Bryan said...
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