spooked ya

im not proficient at doing my makeup (although ive got my winged eyeliner down-packed since its all the sort of eye makeup i ever wear) nor am i a big edie sedgwick fan, but for my halloween costume this year (im still going as a baby chicken) ive been looking for a makeup tutorial to help me work out a big, bright, wide-eyed look with white eyeliner under and a pair of false eyelashes ontop.

i think this would work well, minus the smudged black under, perhaps? anyways, ill try it out before i get too far ahead of myself and see if it even looks alright, but even if i dont go with it by halloween i really enjoyed watching this tutorial.

so i decided, since im so hellbent not doing any homework tonight,id try this look on for size. sans white eyeliner and falsies.


voila! the finished (sorta) product. it definitely doesnt look as chic or wearable as hers, infact im not sure if to anybody else it would make a lick of sense. i could have benifited from extending my eyeliner out a little, mabye lowering the mark at my brow bone, and the false lashes and white eyeliner would have made, i think,a more cohesive look and a better gradiation of color and depth would have been achieved.

also, now that im comparing her look to mine, i can see that i didnt add any curve by the inner corner on the bottom lid, which would have made it look better. mabye for my halloween costume, ill tone it down a bit and use a brown on the wierd eyebone marking, and keep everything else basically the same except with a rosier cheek or something. afterall, im going as a freshly-hatched baby chick, not elvira.


Love Simone said...

I love it! It may not be wearable out in public, but I think there is something satisfying about putting on crazy high fashion runway/edie sedgwick makeup, even if only in the comfort of one's own bathroom. Even if it doesn't look perfectly like the tutorial, I still like it :)

meena meena said...

oh thank you kallie! i almost took this post down because i got shy about it, but i think you hit the nail on the head with the part about it being satisfying to put on the dog, even if only for myself. thanks!

LandGirlontheHomeFront said...

Gorgeous! You have really striking features and could definitely wear a strong look like this.

mina said...

love it