two dresses

one recently completed

this was a calf legth eighties disaster with giant sleeves. i changed the buttons from gold plastic to wood, re-attached the bottom horizontal stripe bit after taking a whole lot off, shortened the sleeves and a few more things for a better fit.

this one is still in the makes

ive been talking about it alot, but today might be the day i complete it. sleeves and buttons are what i have left to do on this one.

today has been long and terrible, but the worst is yet to come. the not bad parts were when bryan and i want to the cafe, then the airpark. i organized my tights and stockigs into a white vintage suitcase i bought at the swapmeet. working on my dress has helped make today better,too.

it might rain soon!


FrivolousFlapper said...

love the stripes on that first one!

Elizabeth said...

that first dress really is soo pretty. I need to work on my 'altering' skills, they're lacking. I always feel somewhat conflicted about altering vintage, on the one hand its 'vintage' on the other hand it might not fit/be atrocious. *sigh*

Hannah said...

wow- well impressed!

Jacqueline said...

thank you so much for the sweet comment! :) it's always fun to know someone likes the blog.
Yeah my kitties are adorable, so full of life and crazyness!

Natalie said...

awesome pieces!! :)