this is your teeth, speaking

since i dont have enough time to sit down and work on any major projects or even clear out a couple of hours for altering thrifted goods during the weekend, ive sorta started setting aside a half an hour a night (right before bed) to work on a dress to wear the next day. sometimes this works fine, but other times i dont have the energy to even try on a dress before hitting the hay and in the morning when i try it on i am horrified. this peachy dress was a good experience, one purple muumuu was one of the worst.


you cant see it too well because of how bright it was in my room that morning (its been super sunny and warm all week except for today) but i pinned a giant 60s peach flower brooch onto the biggish collar and it was pretty magical.

this weekend (minus homework stuff)
-finally finish the yellow dress i foolishly decided to start on the first week of school
-work on my square dancing dress (im doing an assignment on senior citizen square dancers..needless to say its been super fun and hilarious and inspiring)..which is homework related but it will be so fun i wont even think of it as homework
-hopefully get my hair done back to *BLONDE*..dont worry, itll all be done in very good taste. im so tired of dying my hair all of the time. im really a blonde, you know.hopefully ill get my bang-a-langs trimmed up as well, theyre killin my boyfriend. today he called them my "blinders"
-organization of my buttons, clothes, trims, yarns and bedroom!

im looking forward to these precious next 48 hours..i probably wont sleep the whole time!


BaronessVonVintage said...

thanks for your comment on my blog! I've mentioned it before, I think, but your room looks just DREAMY! I'm a huge fan of eclectic frames and am hoping to do a similar feature wall somewhere in the house here. Hope your estate sale went well! The senior square dancer project sounds very unique!

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