enough time for a blog post!
or maybe less nerves than usual about weather i have enough time or not for a blog post! either way, im finally getting around to posting something and getting the chance to explain my absense.

school has been either fun and enjoyable (and has left me completely drained at the end of the day) or terribly busy and stressful with not a spare minute to breathe!tonight is one of the busy ones (as ive just found out since emailing my teacher about what work i should have done...yikes! finish a teeshirt, start a new teeshirt and work on all of my collar samples..)but i thought it was a good time to write something out, anyways. plus, Sonja asked me to post something!

Ive just started watching season 1 of the Mary Tyler Moore show and i love it! i cant wait till betty white starts coming on, since ive been missing out on golden girls. This outfit was sort of inspired by her, and sort of worn only because im feeling sick and didnt want to wear a dress. unfortunately, my shoes broke when i was getting out of the car this morning (so much for a cool outfit) and i sort of looked crazy limping around from class to class in a broken slingback..basically a platform flip-flop. thank the lord i didnt break my ankle! i wore a sweater i bought for my little brother a year or two ago, which i think was made for a lady anyway, and some brown osritch platforms with a peep-toe. no brooch or hat or anything. i curled my hair, though, which i think made this work.


i guess i havent been keeping you guys up on my hair woes! i decided that the red was just not what i wanted anymore, so i went to the store to buy a box of ashy blonde dye. well, only my roots were dyed so i had blonde/yellow 2-inch roots and red tips, which was unflattering but i put up with it for a couple of weeks. then i bought a highlighter and a box of brown dye so that i could have some funky 60s highlighting job and instead i ended up with fat yellow and orange stripes down my hair..very Heatmeiser. Suprisingly, i got used to that and almost didnt want to get rid of it when i dyed it brown 2 nights ago (waaaaaay darker than what was on the box) and now im just hoping that after a couple more months the red will have vanished and ill never have to do this again!


anyways, tonight's agenda
-finish raw edges of teeshirt
-start new shirt
-melt polyester (textiles bleghrtzudfhgjzdfn)

over n out!


BaronessVonVintage said...

your hair looks super shiny and full of life for all that you've described it as being through! I find it so fascinating that your homework involves sewing t-shirts, picking collars, melting polyester, etc. A whole other world!

Lisette said...

I'm pretty sure I did all the same things as you about three months ago and my hair looks like total crap. Such is life!

Rachel said...

that sweater is great! on spring break in high school, I decided to bleach and dye my hair red with manic panic. when I got home it started fading so I tried dying it with an dark ashy blonde color and it ended up ORANGE. like BRIGHT orange. I didn't know what to do with it and my hair was getting pretty damaged so I left it like that until I had really awful roots (like 2 inches or more, and my hair is dark brown) and finally dyed it all a nice dark brown. my worst hair story.

Orchid Grey said...

awesome hair and awesome style, lady! thanks for your comment, I'll be following!