an update with old pictures

its not that i dont care, i am just so busy all of the time! ive also unexpectedly put on several pounds recently and im afraid of taking pictures!right now im waiting in the library while a classmate of mine emails me some homework assignments. basically ive been having a hard time with getting dressed in the morning anyway, so the outfits id post about wouldnt be that great. there have been few goodish ones, but most of the time i have to change my outfits so many times before i leave the house, i end up looking incomplete. today im wearing a blue sundress, black flats and a plastic flower necklace with a plastic coral-colored cocktail ring. since my face is fuller, ive been taking advantage of my recently plumped lips with lipstick almost everyday, which is nice. pictures soon, as soon as i find the time. im also thinking of changing the blog's name to "bedroom blogger" since all of my photos are in my bedroom, and also because im sick of my current title!

here are some older pictures (from a month back) of me and my new gal pal hanging out. she has a nice camera..



..and a cool apartment and we like alot of the same things.

right now im up to my neck in projcts and my thrift/alteration/wear cycle is way bogged down. right now im forcing myself to make time for one dress each day when i get home from school, which works pretty well but it suprises me to say my work isnt as neat when i havent sat down at my sewing machine for a couple of weeks in a row. im still hard at work on that afghan, have done a few small misc. handwork pojects at school and im knitting a bag with yarn from a sweater project id abandoned. its a dusty pink and will have a green stripe and kitty cat applique. im also using some vintage tortoise shell purse handles.

you guys are the best for sticking around! sorry i havent been present.


V said...

come back to us! haha :)

Estrella said...

you look really nice, you shouldnt be worried about those punds, i like the new name, totally fits the blog!

Lisette said...

What a great blog name!

Leslie Brown said...

I like 'the mome rath' better. it's so " You!" Bedroom Blogger sounds better for someone who blogs about decorating bedrooms, ya know, and there are bloggers in der blogosphere who do that. Mome Rath is none other than Marina, that's fer sher, n thats why I like it!