Enchanted Sea

summer school is beginning to wind down, which i look forward to. Accelerated-pace Spanish and Philosophy classes have completely overtaken my life and left me with no free time and basically forced me onto a super-strict schedule since i have to wake up super early to be there a half an hour earlier. Normally this wouldnt be a big deal but since i finally have places to be and people to see its really unfortunate that i cant hang out as much as i'd like to..anyways. Next semester will be a blast if i havent already said ill be taking Patternmaking, Fashion Illustration and designing a line! Sinead and i are also both competing in a stylist competition through our local mall, but since were trying out for different months were not up against one-another. ill post her video as soon as voting starts so you guys can vote for her..

other than that, ive been working still on my afghan which is turning out really well, but it hass taken me since the first week of last semester to get to this point! im also working on a rag rug which is near completion. i am, for the first time, really enjoying every bit of these long-term craft projects and im really proud of my work. Im always hemming and altering dresses, but on top of my usual projects ive started an etsy not long ago, which i never got around to linking onto here because i havent uploaded too many items yet!

here is an outfit i wore to a little thing sinead, ian, derek, thom and i went to on a sunday of last week.


late/mid eighties dress is from the thrift store, vintage cardigan is from an estate sale, headband is from an estate sale, pearls in a vial on a chain from the flea market..shoes are from the mall.

soon, we might be getting a kitten and her name will be (if we do decide to get her) Miss Yvonne, who is a character on Peewee's playhouse.

this is one of my favorite songs.


aDeLiNe said...

What an amazing outfit! Love the way your lips match your headband! Very stylish!

Love Simone said...

What a darling headband, and it's perfect with your hair cut! xo