if i cant have a pretty girl, i wont have one at all

class was once again cancelled due to those pesky paint fumes, so i havent been to school all week and wont be back again until next monday. i got the job at forever 21(yay) which will be occupying my free time starting next wednesday, so im going to spend the weekend working on my collection which ill start to post about as soon as theres something to write about..right now i have no pieces completed aside from a skirt i expect will be done this weekend. itll be fabulous as soon as its all put together!

i have been in denial about gaining weight and its getting to be really uncomfortable when i see pictures of myself and think "wow i cant believe thats me"..this is all a part of the usual cycle that i go through every 4 months or so..i get really happy and as a result i dont think about eating so i lose 10 pounds, then a month later im back to being my old depressed self and i have a really hard time getting back to where i was. being in college means that i have to eat every period or i become way too tired, and eating packaged foods (which are vegan and by most peoples standards healthy..however that doesnt mean theyre not calorie and fat laden)
has pretty much become a part of my schedule..its just very frustrating, im hoping that when i start work ill be out of the house more and standing all day and will somehow lose weight..i dont have enough time to exercise, either, so i guess im just going to have to switch over to my cereal only, twice a day diet which has always worked for me.

one of my chickens was killed in a coyote accident, which is very sad. my dad says that coyotes wander around in the daytime only during an extreme weather change, which would make sense because the last chicken death happened during a rain storm. my mom's friend brought over a new chickie that she couldnt take care of anymore (she got a bunch of baby ducks) and her name is dot. shes very exotic looking.

last night was vivien leigh night on tcm and i watched Ana Karenina..the variety of fur hats was so overwhelming but totally wonderful. i only wear vintage fur, and i know alot of vintage-wearing gals go by the same rule. im not ignorant to how fur is acquired and at what cost, and i dont want to support the fur industry by wearing it. i think thats my only beef with wearing vintage fur, is what message am i sending? the last thing i want people to do is see me wearing fur and go ahead and buy a new fur stole..even though im sure nobody i know could afford new, real fur. anyways i feel like im educated enough on the subject to say that i wear fur but only secondhand fur.


this weekend ill be sewing up a storm, hanging out with ronni and kitty before she moves and hopefully going out at least once.


Love Simone said...

Congrats on getting the job! And I agree about your stance on fur. I also only wear vintage fur, but still grapple with the message that sends to some. xo

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