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at the end of another reasonably productive (i.e. restless) weekend of homework, work and limited social engagements..tonight was nice, though. i watched The Omen with a couple of cups of coffee and sewed on embellishments to a skirt i'm making. the buttons im talking about had been stored in an old pickle jar which made them smell like dill, garlic and vinegar..it was comforting in some weird way. the omen was actually really fun and i dont mind watching a spooky movie all by myself.

after work on saturday i went to sinead's for a little birthday party with her boyfriend. i had a PB&J and we watched strangers with candy, which was hilarious. the only problem was i couldnt stay for long because i hadnt written down my work schedule for the week and i was afraid i had work on sunday, so this morning i woke up way too early to check and make sure i wasnt working. i wasnt scheduled for that day and i wont work again until tuesday, so it was just a fat waste of time.

i started a lookbook, which will be nice for encouraging me to take pictures for my blog and for the lookbook, but i havent been hyped and im a little bummed about how little attention the two outfits ive posted have gotten..here's my profile, for looksies:


so on wednesday ill be meeting my new bud angelina for a fun stylist collaboration through her magazine. ill have to skip class so that means im gonna get as much stuff taken care of tomorrow as possible, like the faces for my fashion figure class and the pleats for a skirt i have to pattern in collection class. the look for the shoot might be fashionably disheveled railway orphan teenaged hobos with tweed and other fall-y wovens (vintage, of course) and weve also been tossing around the idea of a pastel-hued super decadent boudoir-y marie antoinette spread. whatever direction we decide to go in, itll be really fun and look great.


for the rest of the night ill try to tidy up a bit and maybe hit the hay early.

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