enter sleep

i love craft websites, today i saw these projects that i might make for myself, hopefully not in a pitifully executed butchered way. id want mine to look just as wonderful.


1. if only i could practice as much restraint when it cones to be-decking something with buttons.
2.pretty,pretty. reminds me of the mirror in my living room.
3.im totally making this for xena, and if she doesnt like it, ill just turn it into an ottoman.
4.like a floral lamb..
5.i made my own versoin of this today!

bedtime commences now.
* from CraftZine.com and Craftstylish.com


Bryan said...

i've always loved the idea of adorning a pretty silk cloth that will be willing to move with the music with tons of pretty buttons to hang over my amp when i play in front of people. my amp is ugly, and the fabric glittering with the sound would be pretty . i've never had the patience to learn how to sew buttons though! maybe we can learn patience together on our own projects?

sabertooth said...

there are so many cool things to do with buttons. i saw a project on how to make your own out of clay, or making your own out of bark or bottle-caps. you can do so much stuff with anything.